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Have you heard the news? Starting in September (this month, yea!) StyleBox subscribers will be able to choose between THREE different boxes tailored to your individual style! OMG, I think I am hyperventilating right now, give me a minute!

He, he! Well, it has been a great full year with the StyleBox concept, but ever since the beginning, every subscriber has wondered, “Why do I have to take the style quiz if every box is the same?” No longer! Now you will get to choose your signature style, either Classic, Trendy, or Feminine AND you have to option of changing your style based on a preview of each month’s 3 different boxes! That’s right, we will now be able to preview each box before it is shipped, and choose which one we actually want to receive! This is the best thing ever!

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All three boxes will still include 2 exclusive items each, be they wraps or lacquers, with no overlap! That means, each box will be unique from the others with no common designs. They will continue to include a new nail file, orange stick and style card, and may include bonus items as well. That’s at least a $30 value for $25 (or less if you sign up for longer), and FREE shipping! Sign up HERE!

Here is the down low of what I know:

  • You can change your preferred style by managing your StyleBox subscription on your customer dashboard. Log in as a customer, select StyleBox, scroll to the bottom and click on your preferred style of Classic, Trendy, or Feminine.
  • The next month’s box will be able to be previewed 10 days prior to the 1st of the month (So either the 20th or the 21st unless you are in February).
  • Styles can be changed up to 5 days prior to the next month. That means only a FIVE DAY WINDOW to preview the upcoming month’s boxes and select your preferred style!
  • StyleBoxes will “locked in” and shipped starting on the 5th of each month.
  • New subscribers will still be able to sign up and get their choice of that month’s boxes prior to the 15th of the current month.
  • You can easily manage your subscription by logging in and clicking on the StyleBox option in the menu. Here, you can add pre-paid months, skip the next month’s box (before the 25th of the current month), change your style, or cancel at any time (if you cancel while you still have pre-paid months, I think you lose those months and don’t get a refund, so don’t cancel until you are on a month-to-month subscription).
  • Bonus: Find a StyleBox Trading group on Facebook, to get half-sheets of exclusive designs from the different styles!
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