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jamberry nail care spring 2015

I am so excited to introduce you to the new products Jamberry has launched with their new catalog. These are going to be really luxurious for your next manicures!

First up is the new Jamberry Lacquer Remover. This acetone-free gentle formula doesn’t dry out your nail beds like acetone based removers do, plus it has added moisturizers.

Our non-acetone formula is designed to effectively remove lacquer without drying out the nail or finger. The pump top allows for single-hand use – just press down with a cotton ball to infuse it effortlessly.

jamberry nail cleanser

Next is Jamberry Nail Cleanser. This is an alcohol-based product essential in your prep prior to a nail wrap application. It is more gentle than the drug store formulas and comes in a convenient dispenser bottle that puts just the right amount of cleanser on your cotton ball.

Our alcohol-based Nail Cleanser helps prepare your nail beds for a flawless application. Use after our non-acetone Lacquer Remover to completely clean any remaining residue from lacquered nails or nail wrap removal.

Next are the really exciting new Jamberry click pens! These pens dispense just the right amount of Cuticle Remover or Cuticle Oil to apply easily to your nails during your nail prep before a manicure or for daily on-the-go applications of cuticle moisture and overall nail health. Ive been hearing lots of great feedback on these new pens. Women just love how convenient they are! Just don’t get these two products mixed up!

Our Cuticle Remover Pen gently removes cuticles while on the go. The special tip helps with precise application of our specialty formula.

Cuticle Oil is an essential part of a daily regimen to maintain strong, healthy nails. It penetrates deep to hydrate and condition the cuticle and surrounding skin while wearing your Jamberry nail wraps. Use our convenient ‘click’ pen for easy application.

The cuticle oil is meant to be massaged into the nail beds, while the cuticle remover is meant to be left on for only a few minutes. The cuticle oil continues to be available in the bottle and brush applicator as well.

jamberry cuticle pens

I hope you enjoyed browsing the new nail care products just recently launched! And if you balked at the price of any of these products, you should host a party! Hosting a party is the easiest way of earning free and reduced cost products–and it’s super fun! So contact me to have an online party for you today!

Browse all of Jamberry’s nail care products here! Thanks for supporting Showynails!

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