New Jamberry Catalog Walk-Through | Favorites From the Sisters

jamberry sisters founders

As you might know, Jamberry was founded by three sisters and each are still integral to the launch of new catalog products and nail wrap designs. They even try on each nail style as part of the design process! That’s a lot of fancy! As the new Spring line has just launched, each has their own favorite part of the new catalog. presented by Independent Consultant, Carolyn Showalter.

What a fun time of the year to transition into a new catalog! Though we have to say goodbye to some gorgeous designs and colors, we get to make room for some thrilling new ones. We met with the Sisters before the new catalog went to print and asked them to narrow down some of their favorites in the 2015 Spring/Summer Catalog.

Lyndsey’s top two favorites include:
mixed mani collage
New Mixed Mani Depictions: “One favorite has to be the new depictions of our Mixed Manis in the catalog. The way we display them really shows off all the designs, and we know Consultants will appreciate it when they’re explaining the concept of a Mixed Mani.”
new jrs collage
New Juniors Designs: “As a mom of three little girls, I love the Juniors section!  I involve all of my girls and get their opinions on the designs. When the catalog is finished, I get to show them the final designs and how much they helped inspire my favorites.”Christie’s new catalog favorite is:

new clear collage
Clear Designs: “The Consultants have spoken, and we listened! The clear designs are one of the most requested designs we get, and with good reason. They’re one of the most versatile, and I love the variety we’ve been able to give Consultants this time around. In the Spring Catalog we have 12 new designs on clear, including two Mixed Manis—one in white called Leo, Geo & Lace, and one in black called Celeb Status.  I love wearing clear designs alone or layering them with one of our lacquers or other wraps like some of the ombré sparkles!”Keri’s favorites are the new colors and the overall look.

Photography: “Our big focus this time around was to capture closer, tighter shots of the nail wraps on hands. We wanted to ensure that the nails were clearly visible to better help Consultants feature wraps.”

marsala new collage
Color of the Year: “I thought I loved last year’s Orchid, but then Marsala came along, and I fell in love! Even though it’s a neutral color, it’s still rich and vibrant. It’s a flattering color for all skin tones, and it pairs well with so many of our other designs and colors.”
I hoped you loved this little walk-through with the sisters! Be sure to check out all the new nail wraps designs and new products when you visit my shopping site here! And thank you for supporting Showynails!
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