*NEW* Jamberry Charity Nail Wraps Revealed! Limited Time!

jamberry Now I Can collection

Every year, Jamberry gives a big chunk of change to various charities such as to raise funds for Autism awareness, disaster relief, Toys for Tots, etc. And now they have debuted another charity worth supporting: “Now I Can” helps children with disabilities of all ages reach their full potential through therapy programs that help relieve pain and improve their strength and independence. Those with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, or developmental delays all benefit from these intensive therapy programs.

$2 each sale of these wraps, both regular and Juniors sizes, will be donated directly to help special needs children and adults get services they need. But these are only available the month of December, so GET YOURS before 12-31!

The adult nail wrap, Now I Can, features 2 designs with a satin finish (matte metallic) and is frankly, gorgeous especially for the long winter ahead:

jamberry now I can adult

The Juniors version of this wrap, Now I Can Jrs, is a regular glossy finish also with 2 designs:

jamberry now I can juniors

Each of these 2 nail wrap sheets are eligible for Buy 3 Get 1 free, hostess rewards, and other discounts, SHOP HERE!

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