New Sample-Sized Packets of Jamberry’s Nourish Hand Cream!

jamberry nourish samples

Whoo-hoo! I am so excited for these new sample-sized packets of Nourish Hand Cream from Jamberry! Available soon, I will be getting a number of sample sizes of this lightly-scented rich hand cream that I absolutely love!

But even though they are sample-sizes, and only available to consultants, these packets are not cheap (cough, cough) so I can only give them out to a select few. That could be as a special gift for hosting an online party, or if I decide to do a promotion where any purchase from my shopping site during a set timeframe gets a sample of this rich, indulgent hand cream!

Stay tuned for more info on when I might do a special promotion! In the meantime, watch my video review of the Indulgence Hand Care Set on YouTube; & shop for Indulgence or Nourish Hand Cream on my shopping site!

Thanks, Carolyn S.

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