New Sister’s Style for August: Coastal Charm!

sse august coastal charm

The 1st of every month sees a new SSE released, and this month is really different, really funky, and really fun! It is a black and white grid pattern with a gold rope twining over each nail called Coastal Charm:

Ready. Set. Sail! Break free of the rules with this month’s Sisters’ Style, ‘Coastal Charm’. Featuring black and white crosshatch overlaid with gold nautical-inspired rope, this on-trend, edgy design pulls from pattern mixing found on the runway. So set sail, push the boundaries, and add a touch of daring to your summer with ‘Coastal Charm’.

sse august coastal thumbnail

I saw this design and was reminded of a retired design called “Off the Chain.” I think this new design is a cleaner look, with high-fashion influences. As always, each Sister’s Style Exclusive is only available for a month, so if you love it, buy it while you can before it retires!

Here is a great collage (not mine) that shows how you can mix and match with Darkest Black and Sunny Lotus:

sse august coastal collage


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