New Throwback Thursday: June 18-June 21

throwback thurs guac

Holy Guacamole! This weekend’s Throwback Thursdays feature a true Unicorn in Jamberry trading circles. This fun orange and green geometric design called Guacamole looks super cute on hands and goes with a ton of colors, outfits, occasions, and seasons. It is a very versatile wrap that just recently cost a loooootttttt of moolah on eBay. And now it can be yours for regular price (or B3G1 free!!)

throwback thurs guac 1

The companion wrap is called Cut Loose, in a cool chartreuse with a gold effect leaf pattern on top. This is a really cute wrap that coordinates with Guacamole, looks great by itself, or pair it with something unexpected!

But remember, these fun wraps are only available for a limited time so get yours today! Oh, and snag a $25 gift card at the same time and reserve a Showynails Exclusive wrap! I’m ordering tonight (Thurs, the 18th)! So get your gift card codes in to me at my form here and your exclusive custom wraps will be on the way to you soon :)

throwback thurs guac 2

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