*NEW* Undertow Camo Jamberry Nail Wraps Now Available!

undertow camo

After the amazing success of the first Official Licensed camo nail wraps by Moon Shine Camo, Muddy Girl, Jamberry is back again with a new blue version that is just as sweet and sassy as the original. This partnership with Moon Shine has created 2 new wrap styles: the traditional blue camo pattern called Undertow Camo, and the mixed mani style with the camo, a beautiful ombre, and a gorgeous deer silhouette called Undertow Blue.

undertow camo 2

You are sure to attract attention with these nails that are designed to blend in! (sorry, I couldn’t help myself, ha ha).

These two licensed nail wraps are available as of today! Each licensed nail wrap is a bit more expensive than our regular catalog wraps, and are not available for special deals like our B3G1, hostess rewards, half-off codes, or other discounts.

undertow camo 3

Start shopping for Undertow Camo and Muddy Girl Camo NOW!

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