November Stylebox by Jamberry: All in the Details!

nov stylebox 2015 combo

Yea, Stylebox! This is another month for metallics, but this time in gold! Are you feeling fancy? Check out this month’s box options for your own customizeable manis that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks!! New subscribers can pick from Classic, Trendy, or Feminine boxes and get 2 exclusive metallic nail wraps (enough for 4 manicures and pedicures!) PLUS a bonus dual eyeshadow! But you have to sign up before November 15th!!

nov 2015 stylebox classic

I changed my subscription from Feminine to Classic this month–which style suits you the best?! Seriously, Stylebox is so much fun, it’s like a giftbox just for me every month!

nov 2015 stylebox feminine

And now that we can pick and CHANGE our styles monthly, it’s even better! When are you going to sign up already! What are you waiting for? Plus, hello, FREE BONUS EYESHADOW!

nov 2015 stylebox trendy

If September’s full-sized BONUS nail lacquer didn’t make you sign up, nor October’s gorgeous jewel toned boxes, how about these beauties?! Seriously, you need to stop putting your subscription off and just get it! Plus, when you subscribe for longer, you get a DISCOUNT!! :D

Each month you receive your box, you are guaranteed $30 worth of exclusive product (be they exclusive nail wraps or a nail wrap and a nail lacquer) that you will get to choose ahead of time; plus an orange stick, a nail file, and access to Jamberry’s style video (on you tube) PLUS FREE SHIPPING! Additionally, you can change your style from month to month, so you aren’t locked in to any one box! You will be able to choose your style after the box previews are released 10-7 days prior to the 1st and lock in your style prior to the 1st of the month, it is so easy to have beautiful, stylish nails that can’t be bought anywhere else! Sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months here! And if you subscribe longer, you get a discount!

Here’s more info:
Every manicure should be more than just a manicure, and that’s why StyleBox is more than just a monthly nail kit; it’s a personalized monthly style. Each month you’ll:

·         Receive at least $30 worth of exclusive nail products tailored to your selected style, a nail file and an orange stick shipped free right to your door
·         A style card with details on the month’s look and why it’s a popular trend
·         A special style video (on YouTube) showing you how to wear your new manicure and how to style it for a head-to-toe look
·         And most importantly, a gorgeous look that only StyleBox subscribers can get!

Don’t delay, start your subscription today! 

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