October Sister’s Style Exclusive | Swanky

jamberry oct 2015 sse swanky

This month’s Exclusive nail wrap is totally fitting for the month of October. It is black, bold, and makes a statement! This is a modern design, Swanky, with half the nail a clear black fishnet and half the nail a black and white vertical stripe. This would look amazing layered over a rainbow of lacquer colors! OR channel your inner Goth and wear them over a nude nail.

jamberry swanky sse

These are super trendy, very cool, and totally fun! I think these could be the next Monochromania, honestly. And many women will feel brave enough to wear them simply because they are a black design around Halloween! These Swanky nails would go great with lots of Halloween costumes, for sure! I think they’ll fit in with the mixed mani I am planning that is Nightmare Before Christmas themed! Tres Tim Burton!

Dress to impress with October’s Sisters’ Style, ‘Swanky!’ Taking inspiration from the punk runway, this design features bold stripes and sassy fishnet. Pair it with one of our bright lacquers for a chic mix-and-match look that will have you feeling ritzy all month long!

But they are only available for the month of October, so snag your copy while you are thinking about it!

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