Only One Week Left to Get Your Serendipity Nail Wraps!

sse serendipity collage

I can’t believe how fast February has flown by! This month has been packed with GGG features and articles and I know my Instagram feed has been blowing up with GGG stuff so the Sister’s Style Exclusive for the month has kinda been left out! (pout, pout).

But you still have a week left to snag your copy or two of this exclusive matte finish wrap with it’s bold floral pattern. It’s a really versatile nail wrap, and coordinates well with many other wraps for lots of accent nail options!

My Top Accent Nail choices for Serendipity:

  • Orchid Glimmer: This light purple wrap looks more pink when it is in the Glimmer metallic finish and brings out the pink hues in the floral
  • Black and White Skinny: I am always a fan of the skinny stripe and this one is a winner, bringing out the tiny black accents in the floral pattern. I love that you can have an all matte finish manicure by buying the stripe in matte as well.
  • Venus: This is another stripe in a pink ombre. The colors match perfectly with the floral and stripes with florals are always a classic choice.
  • Lilac Lacquer: This professional nail polish is more pink and looks great with the pink floral in Serendipity. Top with the Matte Finish Top Coat for a uniform matte look!

sse serendipity 2collage

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