Peel Off Basecoat under Jamberry?

Unt Get Ready for Take Off Review by Showynails

Do Jamberry nail wraps work with a peel off basecoat? What about gels? Watch my video to see my honest review of Unt’s Get Ready for Takeoff Peel Off Basecoat paired with Jamberry! Whew!

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If you want to change your jamberry nail wraps more often, or have suffered nail damage and want to continue to wear gel or nail wraps while your nails grow out, this video is for you! With some experimentation you too can figure out which wraps or gel work best with a peel off base coat. And no more nail damage!

Please note: This is a PEEL OFF BASE COAT! It will make your nail wraps or gel nails PEEL OFF! Sometimes BEFORE you want to take them off! So don’t get mad at me thinking I recommended a product boasting insanely long wearing manis using this product. Also, great for NAS artists or jam hand models!!

Some Helpful Tips from Showynails:
1. Do your normal prep.
2. Apply a SUPER THIN coat of the Unt and let dry 5 minutes. Do not get any on your skin or cuticles. “Mind the gap” as they say.
3. Unt is water soluble, so do NOT get nails wet after applying.
4. Apply NAIL WRAPS using the 1-2-3 method. DO NOT USE PULL AND STRETCH! Imperative! PULLING AND STRETCHING wraps bonded to a peel off base coat will just peel off the base coat. Seriously, can’t stress this enough.
5. Putting gel on top will not give you longer lasting manis. The thickness combined with the peel off base coat might make them pop off sooner. Like I said, EXPERIMENT!
6. If using GEL over the basecoat, do not get any gel on your skin at all. Mind the gap! Be sure to cap EVERY LAYER of gel on the tips!

Thanks for watching!
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