Product Feature: Jamberry’s Indulgence Hand Care


Jamberry may have started with its unique nail wraps, but it has blossomed into a well rounded hand care company with products to help your skin and nails from the inside out! With all the competition in hand care products, Jamberry knew they had to create something that went well above and beyond the regular drug store brands, beauty counter products, and other direct sales companies’ products that all claim to be rich and indulgent for hand care. I’m proud to say they did it: these products are truly salon quality, full of rich ingredients, and feel and smell amazing when used.

Indulgence Jamberry Hand Care is a 3 piece biotin-infused hand care system that will help you Buff, Nourish, and Quench your way to a state of serenity, all while keeping your hands looking and feeling beautiful. BONUS: Cleanse Daily Use Hand Soap included.


Buff – 4 oz, a thick and rich hand scrub to exfoliate and keep your hands soft and smooth.

Nourish – 4 oz, a shea butter-rich hand lotion for every day use.

Quench – 1 oz, a waterless hand balm for softening dry rough skin.

Cleanse – 4 oz, a biotin-infused hand soap for skin health.

Brand New! Nourish hand lotion is now available outside of the Indulgence Set! A bottle that is twice as large will last twice as long for the upcoming dry winter months. Do your hands need a little nourishment?

Buy the Indulgence HERE!

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