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About Carolyn “Showynails” Showalter:

Hi, I’m Carolyn and I fell in love with Jamberry nail wraps after I had broken my nail yet again. My nails have always been rather thin and flexible and they break all too easily. I had just broken my fingernail again before it had even grown out from the last time it had broken and I was frustrated. My nails needed some help! Then I remembered a sample I had been given of a nail wrap and I figured, let’s try it! It can’t be that hard to put on. I got out my hair dryer and in about 5 seconds, I had put on my first nail wrap. My nail was protected and reinforced and my eyes were opened. It was so easy! It was so cute! I had to go online right then and buy everything! Ha, ha!

Soon after I made my first purchase, I hosted my first online Facebook party and I was totally hooked. I said, “Oh wow, this is so fun! I love interacting with people in this kind of setting, sharing pictures and playing games, and it is easy! I need to do this for other people!” I hadn’t even gotten my hostess rewards yet! Plus, I had earned enough in my party to get a Consultant kit at a discount! It was a no-brainer to become a Consultant too! And then when my hostess rewards came in, it was just a cherry on top of the sweet Jamberry sundae!

Now I can have that fun connection with people all the time, talk about how amazing Jamberry nail wraps are, and earn some money all at the same time! It’s an adventure!

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