Why a Consultant?

Why Should You Buy Jamberry Nails with Showynails as Your Consultant?

The 1st answer is that I am passionate about Jamberry Nails products. I have applied many sets of Jamberry nails and can help you apply yours perfectly to both your fingers and toes! I can give you tips about putting them over nail polish or lacquer, how to safely remove them, and tips for getting the most wear out of them. I am a personal connection to a large company when you just want to talk to a real person! (Connect with me via my Consultant page here!)

Next, if you like the content I provide on this blog, buying Jamberry from me helps keep the blog up!  If something I’ve written strikes you as creative and unique, go ahead and support me by buying from my personal Jamberry shopping link. A percent of every sale goes right back to me as your consultant in my commission. That’s money going directly back to my family to help us financially every month–be it the water bill, dance lessons for my daughter, gas money, or a meal out. When you buy from a consultant, you are buying from a stay-at-home-mommy and supporting my small business.


Next, you should buy with Showynails as your consultant because I can help you have a Jamberry party! Yes, a party! You can party with your friends online in a Facebook group and earn Hostess Rewards! I love doing Jamberry parties, and I would love to throw one for you! If you are feeling down in your life and need a little pampering but can’t quite afford to buy yet, have a party! It’s free and you can earn free stuff! And all hostess rewards are shipped to you for free! That’s a lot of free! If I sound like a fun-loving passionate blogger here, I will sound like a fun-loving passionate party-girl when we throw your Jamberry party! (Well, not that kind of party-girl, ha, ha!) I can schedule your party months in advance if need be, just go ahead and contact me–yes I’m a real person who will answer your email!

So finally, when you buy Jamberry from a consultant, you are choosing to give yourself the gift of pampering that only a fresh manicure can deliver. And with Jamberry nails, your manicure will keep looking fresh for up to 2 weeks! Email Carolyn at showynails@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to schedule an online Jamberry party! I look forward to hearing from you!


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