Alice in Wonderland Custom Nail Wraps by Jamberry; A Showynails Exclusive Design | October

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Alice in Wonderland Custom Nail Wraps by Jamberry; A Showynails Exclusive Design for October

If I haven’t already said it in one of my “About Me” posts, I have a degree in graphic design. I love designing and creating beautiful graphics on the computer. Now that I found Jamberry, I have discovered how much I love creating beautiful designs for nail wraps! I have decided to design an original nail wrap sheet every month and offer it to my customers, exclusively! It will be a design that reflects style trends, upcoming holidays, current culture, and other inspiring ideas.

This month’s Showynails Exclusive is a wrap design inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. The wrap sheet features 2 distinct designs on one sheet: one is a suit of cards pattern with a few roses and chessboard accent nails. The second design is a vintage wall paper look with Alice-style engravings of familiar characters and images on a rich red ombre background.

I was one of those few who never read Alice’s Adventures growing up. I only was exposed to the Disney movie and thought it was pretty weird, other than the “Merry Un-Birthday” song which I sang loudly and often. Then sometime in my last years of high school, I actually got a copy of the original book (and the sequel, Through the Looking Glass) and fell in love! These books were so whimsical, imaginative, creative, and utterly embraced the nonsense. Together with my sister, we started a collection of different prints, and editions illustrated by many different artists. Today my sister and I still have a fond love of the books and appreciate all the small references to Alice that pop up in our culture from time to time.

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Each Showynails Exclusive wrap design is a Custom Nail Art Studio creation. As such, each sheet is $25 but includes tax and shipping! If more than one sheet is desired, please secure Gift Cards in the appropriate amount (# of wraps desired x $25). Gift Cards can be ordered here:

Jamberry Gift Cards are digital, and you will receive the Gift Card Code in an email. Please paste this code in the form when ordering Showynails Exclusive wrap designs. I place orders for custom wraps twice a month or as needed. Your Gift Card Code is held in trust until such time as the order is placed. Please do not try to redeem a Gift Card Code that you have already entrusted to me for an exclusive custom design. Again, these Exclusive wraps are custom, so allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Showynails Exclusive designs won’t retire, shop all my custom designs here!

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