Showynails’ Exclusive Designs for April: Watermelons & Strawberries!

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Wheeeee! It’s almost not quite Spring here, but I am already thinking about Summer and the delicious fruits of the season! I went all out for the designs this month, with beautiful watermelons and strawberries! My full sheet of watermelons is a reverse french tip style with perfect pedi packs to have perfectly scaled watermelon slices across each toe. The rich pink watermelon slices have a subtle ombre to add depth and interest. Adorable!

watermelon preview

My full sheet of strawberries also features perfect pedi packs to get the cutest strawberry pedicures around (and it won’t cost $40 at a salon, either *wink*). Each nail has the green leaf at the cuticle end for a reverse french effect. The red berries have a subtle ombre to add depth and interest.

strawberries preview

And for you cheapskates out there (well, me too!) I’ve made this Watermelon/Strawberry combo sheet! With one full manicure and pedicure each of watermelons and strawberries for the same price. Do the strawberry mani now and wait until summer to do the watermelon mani! Best of both worlds! Love it.
Waterberry preview

And finally, I’ve included this bonus design featuring citrus fruits! This artistic sheet features mix and match designs that you can customize and make your own with oranges, limes, pink grapefruits and a multi-colored skinny stripe. This sheet also features two different pedi packs to have different pedicures depending on your mood. Split the sheet with a friend or keep both halves for yourself to have fun citrus manis all summer long!
citrus preview

How to Order a Custom Showynails Jamberry Nail Wrap

  1. Buy an eGift Card for $25 from Jamberry’s website HERE.* (Please select Carolyn Showalter or Showynails as your consultant on checkout–thanks!)
  2. Fill out my form HERE so I can reclaim your gift card code for you and then mail you your custom nail wraps!
  3. Please allow 4 weeks or so for delivery. Each sheet of custom nail wraps costs $25 (tax and shipping included) and is enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures.



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