Showynails Exclusive for March: Comics-Inspired Nails!

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I am too excited and can’t wait anymore! I must debut my exclusive designs for the month of March!

This month I will be featuring two exclusive designs and these are my best work yet! I spent hours on each image perfecting the colors and graphics I wanted to use and arranging each into the perfect “comic strip” layout. Yes, all this artwork is original!

comics showynails graffiti

My first Comics-Inspired design (I’m sorry I can’t think of a cute or clever name–I’m a designer, not a name guru) is chocked full of cute graphics and fun colors:

comics showynails

As you can see, each nail is different from the other but all work together to make a super fun manicure and pedicure with a comic-inspired theme. From Warhol lips, a cartoon kiss, a rockin’ guitar player, a woman on the verge to fun cartoon word bubbles that say “Wow!” “This is my jam!” and “Meanwhile.” The bright colors all work together, each with a coordinating moire pattern overlaid on top, giving each color added dimension and movement. You are sure to get noticed when you wear my custom exclusive Comics design!

My next comics-inspired design has a different color palette and graphics to create a darker, grungier look. I call this one “Graffiti Grunge” for that reason. I love these warm colors from the hot pink to the bright orange and rich brown, with a touch of teal blue to add interest and variety. Instead of comics word bubbles, I’ve included graphics of graffiti that say “Exile,” “Luck,” and “Dynamite.” I just love the funky cat and my sexy pinup girl. This design is a really well executed and cohesive design and I just love it! (I actually have this nail wrap sheet framed by my bed so I can see it all the time! It prints out absolutely gorgeous!)

graffiti design showynails comics

How to Order a Custom Showynails Jamberry Nail Wrap

  1. Buy an eGift Card for $25 from Jamberry’s website HERE.
  2. Fill out my form HERE so I can reclaim your gift card code for you and then mail you your custom nail wraps!
  3. Please allow 4 weeks or so for delivery. Each sheet of custom nail wraps costs $25 (tax and shipping included) and is enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures.
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  1. Love these designs!!! I just recently discovered your blog and movies. I think you do an amazing job with your web site and your videos. I also follow BeautyandJams but her videos are so YELLOW. It drives me nuts. it’s hard to see what color is what. Thank you for putting the extra time to make a great product. While I have my own consultant, know that these and your sherlock jams are on my short list to purchase (after my wallet recovers from all the GGG wraps I had to buy). Also since you are so good with NAS, I’d love to see a video on tips and tricks. Do you do your artwork in Illustrator or photoshop? How do you import them in to NAS to get the best and most consistent look. thanks again!

    1. Oh, Leslie! Thank you so much! *blush* Yes, I have been planning on doing a NAS instructional video, but have to employ my hubby on how to do a screen capture thingy (that’s the technical term). I do all my design work in Illustrator and import them as images to NAS for final placement.
      You can still purchase my designs for custom wraps and go back to your consultant for regular orders! I understand about the GGG aftershock! I am putting off ordering from the new catalog for exactly that reason –Carolyn S.

  2. OH MY GOSH THESE ARE PERFECT!!!!! I’m going to San Diego Comic-Con in July and MUST HAVE THESE WRAPS!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you love them. Bookmark the order form for when you are ready to reserve your wraps, and remember that custom orders can take up to 4 weeks to receive, so order with plenty of time to spare prior to your conference! I’m excited for you! –Carolyn S.

    1. I’m so sorry to be responding so late, but yes! These designs are available whenever I do a custom order, usually once per month. I will email you more info! Carolyn S.

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