Showynails Has a New Video Page!

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Hi, everyone! I’m just taking a minute to announce I’ve added a new page to my blog for all of my YouTube videos! This is an easy way to click through and see my newest videos right here without leaving the site!

I’ve got several videos so far, many of them corresponding with articles I’ve written in long form for the blog! I’ve filmed myself talking about french tip pedicures, using the Tape Method, Jamberry versus Kiss gel dress strips after 10 days, and regular Jamberry wraps versus custom Nail Art Studio wraps. I’ve even included my top tips for applying your custom nail wraps!

Upcoming videos will include: my product review of Jamberry’s Indulgence hand care set, a “commercial” for Jamberry nail wraps, and more ideas to come!

Check back anytime (bookmark it!) or go to my Showynails channel on YouTube and subscribe to get my latest videos when they are uploaded! All of my videos are commercial free, so no skipping ads! I am doing these videos for fun and to help my customers. So if you like my videos, you can support me by shopping with my Jamberry shopping link!

Thanks for your support, I love my customers and want them to have fun with their nails and get the most use out of their Jamberry nail wrap sheets! If you have a video request, you can email me your idea to, thanks again!

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