Showynails Top Favorite Pairings from the New Spring Catalog

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I love pouring through my Jamberry collection and pairing up nails that go great together, either as one accent nail, or as an every-other nail mix and match combination manicure.

What is an accent nail, you ask? Well, if you have been looking at pictures of nail art for even a short time, you may have noticed that on many manicures, one nail is different from the others! This is called an accent nail and is a creative way to draw attention to your nails, express your personality, or to break up a solid color block on the other nails. It can coordinate with the other nails or provide contrast. And it is really fun!

Which nail should you accent? Whichever you want! I personally love accenting my pointer fingers, but I’ve seen the ring finger traditionally accented the most—probably due to a woman wearing rings on that finger. I don’t wear rings (not even my wedding rings, oops! Sorry, honey!) so I feel free to accent whatever finger I am in the mood at the time.

pairing 1 collage

This is my absolute top favorite pairing of the whole new catalog: Upper East Side and Memory Lane floral. When I noticed that the colors coordinated, I immediately jumped to pairing them up in a mix and match manicure. I can wear one mani with mostly plaid and accent with the floral. Then I can wear just the floral and accent with the plaid. Win-win! Floral prints and plaids go awesome together and these two work well. I am really excited to wear these closer to fall because of the muted colors. But seriously, I am stoked to add these to my collection!

pairing 2 collage

My next favorite pairing is the rockin’ painted stripes of Confused Canvas with the very feminine watercolor floral, Faded Bouquet. This is a very unusual pairing and total contrast in styles, but the colors make it work. This is going to be so fun! It’s a very modern take of the floral and stripe combo: totally classic, but the patterns and textures make it edgy and exciting. Very cool.

pairing 3 collage

My next pairing matches up the simple new reverse french tip Punch Bowl with the flirty floral, Encore. The color of both of these match up perfectly!

pairing 4 collage

I can envision wearing the combination both ways: with the solid pink paired with one floral for the first manicure and the reverse tip as an accent for the second manicure with all the flowers! Can you tell I’ve become slightly obsessed with florals lately?

pairing 5 collage

And if pink isn’t your thing, you can create the same look with blue! That’s right, Jamberry has created sister designs for both of these patterns in Shaved Ice and Something Blue and both look super cute as mix and match manis.

pairing 6 collage

My final pairing is a little more daring and might not be your thing. I love this Tapestry nail style. But the color is odd: a true red-orange not pairing well with solid red nor solid orange. Poppy polka comes close, but I’m not sure about pairing the beautiful damask on a nude background with the white polka dots. Instead, I propose pairing it with Victorian Lace! This is a special black lace design also on a nude background (not clear like the other lace designs). I think the contrasting colors but similar style patterns could totally work and be classy and traditional at the same time. Very vampy and gorgeous!

pairing 7 collageOf course, every nail style can be worn by itself with no accent nail needed. But when women start collecting all the gorgeous patterns, pairing some up becomes a natural style evolution in their manicures! So be on the lookout for more mixed manis or accent nails from me in the near future!

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