Showynails’ Top Ten Must-Have Going Going Gone Nail Wraps!

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I know, I know! TEN nail wraps?! Well, I loooooove them! I can’t narrow it down more than that, and don’t tell my husband, but I actually got more than ten because I did some trading to get more designs!

I started as a consultant in September, so I have lived with this Fall/Winter catalog and all its 300 options for a full 6 months. So of course I have fallen in love with many styles and unfortunately a ton of them are retiring in less than A WEEK!

Here are my Top Picks to help you narrow down your wish list:

jamberry azure rose

  1.  Azure Rose: I just included this beauty in my last GGG order and I can’t wait to see it in person. All the images I’ve seen on Instagram are of beautiful blue manicures and it looks stunning! This is going to be a great pattern to wear this Spring and Summer. And it makes a super cute pedicure too!
    jamberry imperial
  2. Imperial & Imperial Tip: One word: TEAL! I absolutely love teal nails. This color goes great with my skin tone and makes my nails really pop. I love dark, dramatic nails and this one with it’s artistic purple hued flowers is simply amazing. I must have it! And it is also available in a French Tip, which I thought was so special when I wore it! I couldn’t stop staring at my nails! I love French Tip designs!jamberry blooming splendor
  3. Blooming Splendor: I always put up the picture of the full sheet because I like you to know how a “There’s More” sheet works. There are three different but coordinating patterns and they alternate which size wrap gets which design. So you can mix and match or do some creative cutting to get a mani that is all the same as well! I absolutely love the “There’s More” styles! In fact, with my short nails, I can get 3 full manicures out of the “There’s More” sheets! So yeah, of course I’m in love with them! Plus this pattern is absolutely cute as punch. I am planning on wearing the floral pattern soon, I can’t wait!
    jamberry beauty in bloom
  4. Beauty in Bloom: This lovely hot pink floral is on a dark yellow background and is super cute on nails. I just got it in my last order and was very tempted to wear it right away for my pink manicures month in February. It looks great with Orchid Glimmer or Kiss Me Ombre. I featured it in a Polyvore outfit recently.
    fruit punch
  5. Fruit Punch: I don’t think I’ve talked about Fruit Punch before! But of course I love it, hello–ombre! This design was in one of my first orders as a customer and when I got it I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t pink! Instead the cuticle end is a beautiful raspberry sorbet color that is so cute and colorful and goes great with the orange! And now that I have expanded my collection, I love that Fruit Punch goes with so many wraps! It looks great with the retired SSE Flutterby, the current Prissy Plaid, and Beauty in Bloom just to name a few.loud mouth jamberry
  6. Loud Mouth: This design is absolutely pure fun! I love the cartoon graphics and that it looks great by itself or paired up with other fun designs like the retired Popstar with its comic art or even the floral Mad Hatter! So so cute!
    jamberry neptune venus
  7. Neptune & Venus: These ombre stripe designs are sisters, so I couldn’t possibly split them up! It almost seems like if you get one you must get the other anyway, since you know, sisters! I just can’t choose between them! And you’d be surprised how many other wraps these coordinate with. Venus (pink) turned out to be a perfect match for the SSE of this month, Serendipity. And Neptune (blue) could look great with a blue floral or any of the aqua wraps including Teal and White Polka. The options are endless!
    peacock plumes jamberry
  8. Peacock Plumes: Peacock designs are a staple in any Jamberry catalog, but these ones caught my attention because #1, they are teal–hello! and #2, they aren’t feminine but are very rock n’ roll and I love them! When I wear these I will be channeling my inner rock star for sure! They also coordinate well with the solid colors Emerald and Persimmon and work well as a rockin’ accent nail. Very cool.
    jamberry promised
  9. Promised: This is an amazing multi-colored floral on an orange background (Persimmon, if you wish to mix it with a solid). I absolutely love this floral! This was one of three sister designs, Secret Promise–with an aqua background, Promised–on the Persimmon background, and Sunday Brunch–on a white background. But only Promised is being retired this month. I am really happy I snagged a copy of this, I just love it!
    ggg solids collage
  10. Solid Colors & Glimmers: Specifically Emerald, Orchid Glimmer, Persimmon Matte or Glossy, and Berry Blue Glimmer! I’ve loved the Glimmer finish ever since I ordered Tempest glimmer in my very first Jamberry order! So of course I have to own all the glimmers! (Except for Fire Engine, I just am not a red nails kind of gal, so I decided to skip that one). And recently I’ve discovered that I really do love just a regular solid nail wrap as well! My husband still doesn’t get it–why would you get a solid color nail wrap when you could just use nail polish? Well, first–I hate nail polish. It stinks. It takes a while to dry. It stains my nails and cuticles. And then there is the chipping and looking like crap after three days. And then the removal, of course. I don’t have time for that! But with a solid colored nail wrap, I can get a more conservative look (and keep a pattern for an accent nail, of course), but with all the benefits a nail wrap brings to the table: easy to apply, no chipping, no fumes, no mess, and easy, no-chemical removal up to two weeks later! Sold!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Top Picks for the Going Going Gone nail wraps! You only have a few more days left to finish your wish lists and make your purchases, so don’t delay! Once these designs are gone, they are gone forever! When ordering any GGG nail wraps, the Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal still applies, so look forward to that discount!

Also, please note that as these designs are retiring, you will not be able to return or exchange any wraps or lacquer bought from this category. So take your time and decide on the right style for you. But if you do change your mind, I will gladly hook you up with a trade group so you can trade your wrap or lacquer for something more to your liking.


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