So When is Showynails Going to do an Application Video?

How to apply - official

Honestly, I was considering it, but since there are dozens of videos on YouTube, mine would just be one more. And frankly, the amount of application videos available is starting to get ridiculous.

If you are new to Jamberry, visit my Jamberry website, and watch the Official Application video. Then STOP. Don’t watch any other videos or read any other tips and tricks articles or blogs. Get out your Jamberry Nails purple envelope and turn it over. Read the Official Instructions. STOP. Get out your tools, then follow the directions!

It is so simple! These are just nail appliques. It doesn’t have to be super complicated or have a hundred videos about applying them on YouTube. The founding sisters have personally worn thousands of Jamberry nails on their hands. They know how to apply them and safely remove them again. They’ve done so every day for over four years! So follow the directions they they have written before trying something else.

When I got my very first Jamberry sample, it was just attached to a business card and didn’t have any instructions. So I hopped online to the Jamberry website and looked it up. In about 5 seconds, I had a perfect application of a sweet accent nail. It was awesome!

Then I ordered 4 full sheets! While I waited for my order in the mail, I looked up Jamberry on YouTube and suddenly I was faced with many, many variations of applications. Every person had a different way of doing it. I thought it was great! I thought the many videos meant that you could pick and choose what application method was easiest and most convenient. So when my order arrived, I stayed up late applying my first full set with a rice bag instead of a hair dryer.

It was horrible. Every nail peeled off within hours. When I woke up in the morning, I was horrified. Every nail! It was a horror show! Frustrated, I got my sample back out (I still had two-thirds left of the strip), applied it with a hair dryer and bam! It was perfect!

It took me a while to figure out why one method worked and another didn’t. But when you are just starting, you need to start at square one. That is following the Official instructions and Official tips and tricks, if you need some extra help.

So why do some women use a different prep method? This is because of many things: different women have different body chemistries. Medications, hormones, age, amount of water consumed, etc all lend to different nails. Some women already have dry nails so they don’t need to use rubbing alcohol. Some women need to balance their nail pH so they use vinegar instead of alcohol in their prep. I can guarantee that these women all started at square one. They all tried the Official method before troubleshooting what was happening with their nails.

The same is true with different heat sources. Whether it is a hair dryer, a mini-heater, or a rice bag, there is a reason for using one over the other. And even applying “cold” and heating afterwards stemmed from someone troubleshooting after they had tried the official method of heating the wraps.

So yes, troubleshooting application problems is important. But when you are brand new, you don’t need to troubleshoot. You need to start at square one.
Here is the Official application video!

And here is the Official tips and tricks video!

Whether you are brand new or a seasoned Jamberry fan, you should go back and watch these every so often. It can be valuable to see these with fresh eyes and find out if maybe you need to go back to the basics of application before you try some new tip or trick from a creative consultant.

I hope you found this article helpful! Remember, every woman’s nail is different from the chemistry to the shape. But every woman can wear Jamberry nails successfully when they start at square one and troubleshoot any problems afterwards. Email me with questions to:

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