The Official Jamberry Black Friday Sale!

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Whoooot! I am so excited to announce the official Jamberry Black Friday sale! This weekend is going to be so amazing, I can hardly wait to sit through Thanksgiving dinner just so I can get back online and start shopping!

You know how I love Exclusives? And how Jamberry’s Exclusives always retire after a month? Well, this Friday, Jamberry is bringing back the Sister’s Style Exclusives of the past 12 months! That’s right! Designs we thought were gone forever are back for a limited time! And they aren’t available just on Friday, they will be available all weekend through Cyber Monday! Wow!

There are so many different designs, from graphic staples like Modern Chic to metallic and sparkle classics like Fire & Ice and Born to Sparkle. And then there is the amazing cult favorite Popstar! This unique comics inspired design evokes artwork by Andy Warhol in a colorful and fun wrap. Now I feel really bad for those women who bought it off eBay for like $100!


These designs are available all weekend, and they can be combined for the fabulous Buy 3 Get 1 free offer! BUT if you order on Black Friday, and your order is over $50, you’ll get a FREE exclusive wrap that isn’t available for purchase! This Black Friday exclusive is a dark lavender wrap with simple tree branches on it, very classy and will look great any time in January or February in the doldrums of winter.

In addition to that, Jamberry is also giving back a portion of the sales of the “Back for Black” wraps to the Salvation Army to help give kids Christmas presents! Isn’t that wonderful! So every time you shop all weekend, you are also helping an amazing charity organization.

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Want that Exclusive Black Friday wrap? Here are my Top 6 Ideas for Reaching $50:

  1. Buy 3 wraps, Get 1 free + a Cuticle Oil $55
  2. Buy a Nail Lacquer Set $54
  3. Buy 3 Get 1 free + Application Kit $58
  4. Indulgence Hand Care set $60
  5. Buy 3 Get 1 free + another wrap $60
  6. Buy 3 Get 1 free + Application Kit w/Oil $65


Oh, and I almost forgot! This is also the last weekend you can get this month’s Sister’s Style Exclusive, Floral Oasis! So if you love this design like I do make sure you include it in your Buy 3 Get 1 free purchase!!


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