Throwback Thursday Jamberry Weekend August 20-24th

tbt holographic

Can you believe it time for the LAST Throwback weekend? I hope you’ve been enjoying these Throwback weekends this summer! This last throwback is a super special one because it was added as a special weekend; and consultants were able to VOTE on the designs they wanted to see brought back! The voting window was only open a very short time (I missed it, personally), and there were over a hundred designs on the list eligible for voting. So who knows how many votes the winning wraps actually got to be featured?!

This time, Jamberry has brought back the amazing Holographic and the ever cute Purple & Silver Crisscross  with its sweet metallic colors!

Holographic is indeed a great Unicorn nail wrap, highly desired and highly sought after. It retired a year ago in August and many many women have been trying to aquire it! It is a true holographic design, being metallic silver in general and reflecting back all the colors of the rainbow when the light hits it just right. It looks great mixed with other designs and layered under our many clear designs, especially the lace ones. This is a nail wrap that screams fun and “It’s not Fall yet!”

Purple Crisscross is also highly sought by women who love the color and are drawn to the metallic designs. I love many of our metallic designs and find them easy to apply and very long lasting. This is a great classic design that is fun, feminine, and flirty. I know I am buying both of these amazing designs!

But remember these wraps are only available for a limited time! Thursday through Sunday and just a few hours on Monday the 24th of August! Shop here! Eligible for B3G1, hostess rewards, and half-off codes as well! And you can combine with your GGG order! Click here to get the scoop on the top designs to buy from GGG, available only through the 31st!

*Edited to Add:

Due to variations in our production and printing methods, both Throwback Thursday wraps are slightly different than the original designs. While not an exact representation, they do capture the essence of the original designs very well. You’ll notice the SKU for the TBT Holographic is different from the original Holographic’s SKU. Again, the reason being is that although this Holographic is very similar, it is not identical to our past Holographic. The Throwback Thursday Holographic will wear similarly to our July StyleBox holographic wrap. Please educate your customers and team members on how to apply this wrap, which applies much like a metallic finish wrap.

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