Throwback Thursday Jamberry Weekend August 6-9th

tbt vibrant pinwheel 1

Hello, Sweetness! It’s that time again: time for more throwback wraps! I hope you’ve been enjoying the Throwback weekends! This time, Jamberry has brought back the colorful Vibrant Pinwheel and the ever cute Fuchsia Houndstooth in its two toned purple colors!

tbt vibrant pinwheel 2

Vibrant Pinwheel is indeed a great Unicorn nail wrap, highly desired and highly sought after. I know some women who have been pining for this design since TBT was announced late this Spring! This is a great pairing, I know these designs will be coveted by many women all over the place!

But remember these wraps are only available for a limited time! Thursday through Sunday and just a few hours on Monday the 10th of August! Shop here! This is the almost the last Throwback weekend, so be sure to come back again August 20th! The last TBT will reveal which wrap was the most popular by consultant’s votes! The voting window was only open a very short time, and over 100 wraps were on the ballot, so it is going to be interesting to see which wraps got voted Most Popular Retired Wraps!

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