Throwback Thursdays Just Leveled-Up!

jamberry throwback thursdays

Holy cow, people! When I heard this news late yesterday, I almost couldn’t believe it! It sounds too good to be true! Jamberry has just upped the ante on Throwback Thursdays, and is planning on bringing back popular retired designs for 4 days only throughout the summer starting this week! Wow, wow, wow!

They must have read my article series about Bringing Back Retired Designs in a new way (parts 1, 2 & 3) and been so inspired that they knew they had to bring back even more designs! He, he, not really.

I know consultants and customers alike are falling all over themselves anticipating which awesome retired designs will be coming back! Start counting your loose change cause you are not going to want to miss out on these amazing limited time opportunities to snatch up beautiful designs we all thought were gone forever!

Here are the details direct from Jamberry:

Beginning Thursday, May 7 and every other Thursday through August 6, we are going to “throwback” some of our most popular nail wrap designs for purchase. On  each “Throwback Thursday” we will re-release two wrap designs. You’ll have four days to purchase the wraps after their release, then they will be re-retired. It’s a quick turnaround that you don’t want to miss out on, so mark these Throwback Thursday dates on your calendar and get prepared to shop!

Here are the Upcoming dates you need to mark on your calendars:

  • May 7 – 11
  • May 21 – 25
  • June 4 – 8
  • June 18 – 22
  • July 9 – 13
  • July 23 – 27
  • August 6 – 10

Each weekend will feature 2 retired designs available for purchase for 4 days only, so you have to act fast if they are designs you love! Maybe you saw them in a trade group but never had anything “worthy” to trade for it; maybe you were browsing eBay one day and saw a couple retired designs that you loved but you balked at the prices (please don’t buy wraps off of eBay–like ever. Seriously, don’t do it.); or maybe you saw some of the retired designs I featured when I did my article series in 3 parts a few weeks ago and thought they were some of the most beautiful designs ever!

Well, we all need to come back to this blog as I will be featuring them here on my site, and provide easy links for you to shop! I just can’t wait to see what the first 2 designs will be! Stay tuned this Thursday to find out!

Oh, and if you think the photo under the announcement from Jamberry is a “clue,” it is just a cover image from an older catalog. Those designs are not necessarily the ones making a come back!

jamberry throwback thursday 2

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  1. Hi there, so can only consultants order these or can anybody be order via website? Can hobbyists order? Thanks

    1. Anyone can order Jamberry nail wraps as long as you live in: USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, or Great Britain at You can do a search to find a consultant near you, and contact her to get a sample prior to ordering. I am a hobbyist (former consultant still receiving a consultant price), so I can order direct through my workstation. Once I am a customer again, I will get my own consultant and buy from her shopping link.

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