Try a Jamberry Pedicure for Valentine’s Day!

jamberry pedicure love potion

Almost every nail wrap can be worn as a super cute pedicure that lasts 4-6 weeks! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I am passionate about using those pedi wraps! Check out these pictures from Jamberry on getting a cute Valentine’s Day pedi using “Love Potion.” Watch my pedicure application video here!

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Here are my Top Tips for Jamberry Pedicures:

  • You can do your cutting and your application at different times to break up the time involved. I cut out in 10 minutes the night before, and apply in 20 minutes.
  • You can use the “tape method” to make a stencil for each toenail and cut each wrap out for a perfect fit. Make sure you push your cuticles back before you start making your stencils! (for more on the tape method, click here.)
  • Sometimes toes can be cold, so when you are heating your nail wrap, heat up your toe too for a nice, warm and smooth application.
  • Smooth each wrap on your toes using 2 thumbs, starting in the center and smoothing with firm pressure to both sides.
  • After each wrap is applied to your toes, clip the extra wrap off the tip along with a sliver of nail using your nail clippers. No filing is necessary.
  • Enjoy your Jamberry pedicure for 4 to 6 weeks!

Of course, if you missed ordering your Valentine’s Day themed nail wrap designs, you can still snag a copy before April 15th. Who says you can’t wear sparkles or hearts any time of year? Of course you can!

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