University of New Mexico Wraps Retiring July 30th!

u of nm spirit fingers

There are only a few days left to order your U of NM nail wraps before they retire on July 30th! These two coordinating designs are perfect for your school spirit and alumi functions. But unlike other schools, these are not being replaced with other designs, the chance to show your school spirit on your manicures and pedicures is quickly passing so hurry up and snag your sheets today! Order here!

University of New Mexico logo wrap

u of nm 1

The New Mexico Lobos wrap

u of nm 2

These and other licensed nail wraps are a bit more expensive than regular wraps, and as per the license agreement they are not available to be included in B3G1 free deals, hostess rewards, or any other discounts. 

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  1. I am curious why the UNM nail wraps were retired. Are their plans to have another set of wraps offered for UNM? Very disappointing.

    1. As a consultant, I’m not privy to that information exactly, but I suspect Jamberry’s licensing agreement with the University expired and they didn’t renew. we’ll have to wait and see if they come back in the future! –Carolyn S.

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