Where are the Showynails Exclusives?

Alas, the time has come for me to retire offering my exclusive designs to customers. It was probably inevitable, considering how Jamberry designed the whole NAS system, but I feel I had a good run while it lasted.

You may have noticed I have already removed my “Exclusives” tab from my menu, and will no longer be sharing my designs or links to an order form.

I sincerely hope to be able to offer creative, original custom designs in the future assuming Jamberry comes out with a new and improved NAS system wherein my customers will be able to order my designs directly from Jamberry without having to order through me (and lose a guarantee or ability to return, etc).

I don’t want to use this website as an outlet for venting my complaints, so I’ll just say NAS as is has worked for me for 10 months but there is room for improvement. As soon as that improvement comes, I will offer original designs again!

Until that day comes, I still encourage my customers to design their own original nail wraps and order with me as your consultant. The NAS system still offers the best custom nail appliques in the business and has tons of pre-loaded designs just begging for customization. Get started designing your own nail wraps here!

Carolyn S.

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